7/19/2014 Kuan Yin Enlightenment Day @ TOE (Bronx)

2014.7.19 toe_kuanyin

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6/6/2014 Mindfulness of Breaths Meditation Retreat @ TOE

2014.6.6 toe_anpana

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5/17/2014 Bathing Buddha Ceremony @ TOE (Bronx)

2014.5.17 toe_bathing

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4/27/2014 “In Search of Mandalas” @ Woo Ju Library


Online Registration

All are welcome. For further information, you can contact Phone: (845) 225-1819, ext 103, or Email: library@baus.org

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Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Class @ CYM (Carmel)

Martial Art Class

Please write to cym.sat.martial@gmail.com to register and for further information, Thank you. 


Studying the Buddha’s Words @ CYM (Carmel)

The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha

A Course in the Majjhima Nikaya with Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi

An in-depth study of the important text,The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha (Wisdom Publications).The class startsat 9:00 am with a 50-minutesilent meditation. This is followed at 10 am by a talkona sutta (teaching of Buddha),til 11:20 am, with time for questions. A discussion period with Ven. Bodhiis held after lunch, from 12:15 to 12:45 pm.Newcomers are welcome. If you cannot attend the class in person, you can follow the class by livestream at: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/venbodhiVideos of the class are posted during the following week on Youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/user/venbodhi.

Schedule for April through June 2014:

Date Sutta No. Sutta Title Main Topic
April 5th


The Sixfold Purity How arahantsdeclare attainment
April 12th


The Good Man The contrast between a good per­son and a bad person.
April 26th


To Be Cultivated & Not Cultivated A wide range of ethical practices to be avoided and to be practiced.
May 10th


Many Kinds of Elements Elements, sense bases, dependent origination, etc.
May 31st


The Great Forty – Part 1 The two kinds of eightfold path
June 7th


The Great Forty – Part 2 The two kinds of eightfold path
June 14th


Mindfulness of Breathing – Part 1 On mindfulness of breathing
June 21st


Mindfulness of Breathing – Part 2 On mindfulness of breathing
June 28th


Mindfulness of the Body On mindfulness of the body



Reference Material: (1) Basic Meditation Guidance ; (2) Sharing the Merits

Online Class (Live TV) / Past Classes Video Clips

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Manhattan Study Group: Abhidhramāvatāra《入阿毗達磨論》

2014 Dharma Discussion

Abhidharma (literally translated as Highest dharma or Counter to dharma) is a systematic collection of Buddha’s teachings from sutras. The collection, consisting of items (dharma), is grouped into Form, Mind, Mind Concomitant, Nirvāna and the Conditioning Disjoined from Mind. Abhidharma includes the teachings such as Dependent Origination (緣起), Five Aggregates (五蘊), Meditative factors (禪支) Path to enlightenment (修行道次) etc. While it is popular to study Abhidhama of Theravada tradition, it is equally valuable to learn Sarvāstivāda’s Abhidharmas translated into Chinese starting in the 5th Century A.D. The text Abhidharmāvatāra was composed by Skandhila succinctly summarizing all the basic concepts of the Sarvāstivāda school and later influencing the Middle school (Madhyamaka), Yogacāra school and all other Mahāyāna schools. The class will not only be aiming for gaining better understanding of the rudiment concept of Abhidharma, but also including the explanation of the aspect of practice (bhāvanā). We hope the class could stimulate the discussion of and revitalize the historically significant tradition of Abhidharma and practice.


Ven. Dhammadipa (Fa Yao; 法曜) Abbot of Chuang Yen Monastery will be our scholar and guide who will lead the expedition to the vast and breathtaking land of Buddhism and the realm of the Dhamma. Ven. Dr. Dhammadipa translated the text, Abhidhramāvatāra (入阿毗達磨論) into English. He will supplement the discussion of the text with other materials and commentary, thus making Ven. Dhammadipa one of the best persons to lead this study. Dr. Dhammadipa is passionate in delivering the message in many languages. Moreover, his skillful power of analysis and ability to connect to the lay person and practitioner alike can enable each individual to better understand the Buddha’s teaching.

Date & Time: Wednesday 6 – 8 pm


West 25 43rd Street, Rm# 1000, 10/F (between 5th Ave&6th Ave), Manhattan, NY


Ann Cho:  nycclass@baus.org


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Sunday Meditation 9 – 11 am in Kuan Yin Hall @ CYM

cym--2014 sunday 4-6

Note: When retreats are in progress class will continue weather permitting

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4/11/2014 – 4/19/2014 8-Day Meditation Retreat


Online Application

Application due on 4/6/2014

To uphold a good retreat quality, Please read the following guidelines carefully before you fill out the application Continue Reading…

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5/11/2014 Bathing Buddha Ceremony & Garden Party @ CYM

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5/16/2014 – 5/20/2014 Zhunti Retreat @ CYM (Carmel)


Online Application

Date: 5/16/2014 (Friday) ~ 5/20/2014 (Saturday)

Registration: 5/16/2014 (Friday) 6pm (Great Buddha Hall Office ), Introduction: 7pm.
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5/24/2014 – 5/25/2014 BAUS 50th Anniversary @ CYM

Looking for volunteers to process BAUS old records

Qualification: Attention to details, Chinese/English Bilingual Preferable

Hours: 10 – 20 hours a week for 3 months

Will Provide Professional Archival Training, Volunteer certification will be provided.

Great for high school, college or graduate students look for internship opportunity.

Contact:   (845) 225 -1819, ext 103, library@baus.org  Sunandi

Volunteer Online Application



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BAUS Chinese School (Children) @ CYM

Online Application

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BAUS Chinese School (Adult) @ CYM

2013 fall adult flyer

Online Application

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Chuang Yen Monastery 2014 Calendar

陽曆 Date

活  動  項  目    Activity


各宗教聯合祈禱世界和平法會  Interfaith Prayer   10:00am ~ 12:00pm

1/2 – 3/31

冬季封山  Monastery Closed


新春祈福法會  Chinese Lunar New Year Blessing Ceremony    10:00am ~ 4:00pm


清明法會  Qinming Ceremony                              10:00am ~ 4:30pm


八日禪 8-Day Meditation Retreat 4/11(Fri.) 6pm 報到 Registration/7:00pm 簡報 Orientation


春季祭祀安靈法會  Spring Ritual for the Deceased            1:30pm ~ 4:00pm


浴佛法會暨母親節園遊會 Buddha Day Ceremony & Mother Day Garden Party 10:00am ~ 3:00pm


準提法會 Zhuenti  Retreat  5/16星期五 (Fri.) 6pm  報到 Registration 7:00pm 簡報 Orientation

5/24 – 5/25

美國佛教會50周年慶/年度會員大會The Buddhist Association Of the united states 50th  Anniversary/Annual Member Meeting 

7/2 – 7/6

佛學夏令營(親子、少年、青年、成人) Buddhist Summer Camp (Family, Teen, Youth, Adult)7/2 星期三 (Wed.) 5pm 報到 registration / 6:00pm開營Opening Ceremony


觀音菩薩成道紀念法會 Kuan-Yin Bodhisattva’s Enlightenment Ceremony   10:00am ~12:00 pm


安般念靜心觀 Mindfulness of Breaths 8/1   (Fri.) 6pm 報到 Registration/7:00pm 簡報 Orientation


盂蘭盆供佛齋僧法會  The Ullambana Ceremony       10:00am ~ 12:00 pm


阿毘達摩研討會 Abhidhamma Study Retreat 8/29 (Fri.) 5pm報到 Registration 6:30pm Orientation        


梁皇寶懺法會 Emperor Liang Repentance Ceremony  9/6 星期六(Sat.)3pm 報到 registration 4:00pm 灑淨 Orientation 9/13  8:30pm圓滿結束ceremony ends at 8:30pm


10日內觀禪 10-Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat 9/19 (Fri.) 6pm Registration/ 7:00pm Orientation


秋季祭祀安靈法會  Fall Ritual for the Deceased            1:30pm ~ 4:00pm


觀音菩薩出家紀念法會 Kuan-Yin Bodhisattva’s renunciation Ceremony   10:00am ~12:00 pm


銅人療法 Tong Ren Therapy   10/24 (Fri.) 5pm 報到 Registration / 6:30pm 簡報 Orientation


五日禪 5-Day Meditation Retreat 11/26 (wed)6pm 報到 Registration/7:00pm 簡報 Orientation

12/20 – 12/27

佛七 7-Day Amitabha’s Pure Land Retreat   12/20星期六(Sat ) 2pm報到 Registration  4:00 pm 儀軌講解、灑淨、開示  Orientation 12/27  8:30pm圓滿結束ceremony ends at 8:30pm 


 * 1/2~3/31冬季封山期間不對外開放 其餘開放時間 9:00am-5:00pm

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